Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Anneal Secret Gay Party!!! (Super Post)

So it was time for the anneal secret hot party that is really fun hot and sexy. at this party all of the hottest sexiest male star come, stars like: Justin Bieber, Zac Efron,Glee, the Jonas Brothers, sprouse twins, BTR, and alot of other hot star. At this party you play spin the bottle (gay verison) and alot of other sex Games. everyone was showing up in all different close some in underwear, some in sexy suits and some in just regular close. At the door everyone was asked a ???.well Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz, and Joe Jonas came in, in there sexy suits they where asked the ???: What underwear did you wear when you where a kid and they answers with this: (Read the Photo)
sexy huu well anyway after every one came in it was time for the first game (spin the Bottle) they where all sitting in a circle. but Zac, Kellan, and Joe were missing so they stared without them. first up was Corde overstreet he grabs the bottle and spins its spining and spinning and land on Austin Bulter. They get up holding hands and go into one of the 17 rooms. Austin pulls his shirt off and start fucking corde!!!
men well Zac , Kellan , and Joe were having there own fun. They find a room and sit on the bed talking. Well Zac was in the bath room Kellan and Joe where getting really horny. When Zac gets out of the bath room Joe and Kellan are kissing and toughing each other and Zac joins in they kiss and lick then they pull out there penis Zac gets his dick and gets some lotion rubs the lotion on Joe penis and butt hole and sticks his dick in.To be Continued!.! Enjoy

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  1. when the next one due out, i really want to see a realistic damian mcginty and tom daley then again even one that is obviously fake will do, ;)